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Sometimes, choosing the right category for a speech novice is easy. Most times, it isn’t.


Most times, it's a frustrating process of trial-and-error that results in lost time and hurt feelings. But PowerMatch gives you the tools to skip the guessing game.


The free Skills Assessment provides you with a 360° view of each student — their strengths, their recommended categories, and maybe a hidden skill they didn’t even know they had.

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Develop Strategy

Make smart decisions about how you build your team.


Reveal Insights

Identify each speaker’s strengths and hidden skills.


Boost Performance

Place students correctly, and watch them soar.


Easy-to-Answer Questions

The skill assessment is designed with both novices and veterans in mind, so there’s no confusing speech jargon.


Side-by-side skill views let you see precisely how a student stacks up to others in their category, their team, and their state.

Detailed Breakdowns

Get an in-depth profile of each speaker’s skills and category recommendations, brought to life by simple, beautiful data visualization.


Powerful Comparisons


Partner Schools

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